MeditGuard Hard Surface Sanitiser


MeditGuard Hard Surface Sanitiser quickly cleans & sanitizes all Hard Surfaces in the Food & Catering Environment, Military Camps, Offices and Commercial Buildings, Public Access Areas, Transportation and Logistics Area

Tested to BS 13697 – a test for non-porous surfaces for the evaluation of the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in food areas.

MeditGuard Hard Surface Sanitiser is a fast effective way to sanitise during the working day when speed and efficacy are at a premium. The sanitiser is ready-to-use with a simple application.

Clean away visible dirt and debris using the spray then repeat the steps as follows: Spray onto any hard surface, then wipe area with a clean dry cloth. Allow to air-dry or use paper towels to dry if required.

Usage and Instructions


Spray directly onto Hard Surface and wipe with dry paper towel or leave to air dry.

Will continue to suppress bacteria growth after spraying for a duration of time

Leave a mild disinfectant odour to alert users

Use on all hard surfaces, even VDUs

Re-apply as necessary

Hard Surface Sanitiser 500ML