Hyafilia Dermal Filler

What is HyaFilia


HyaFilia is used for temporary improvement of wrinkles by injecting it into the skin layer around the facial wrinkles. Recommended for external use only!

It is a colorless and transparent gel-type product with viscoelasticity composed of a stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid.

HyaFilia is tissue reconstructive material that intended to be used for facial tissue augmentation.

It is recommended that the product be used for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles, folds, and acne scars.

Hyafilia Petit – is used to correct shallow and superficial wrinkles.

Concentration: 20 mg/ml

Volumetric capacity: +++


1. correction of nasolacrimal sulcus

2. fine lines and wrinkles

3. wrinkles around the eyes “crow’s feet»

4. perioral lines

5. linear wrinkles in the brow area

6. correction of the contours of the lips

Guaranteed: 2 years expiration


  • Hyafilia Petit – To Correct Shallow and Superficial Wrinkles
  • Hyafilia Classic – To Treat Wrinkles, Average Severity, and to Increase Lip Volume.
  • Hyafilia Grand – the Most Dense Filler in the series to Increase the Volume of Cheekbones, Chin, Cheeks.